Look In

Look In is the second step in the HGII Approach to KNOWING, DOING & BEING. Following from the first step of See Out which is about our interaction with the outside-of-us world, Look In is about connecting with our inner self.
This step aims at making us conscious of our internal state of thought - what goes on in our mind and our feelings (the emotions that run in us); what influences us to think in a particular manner; and what triggers such thinking - to ascertain what makes us behave the way we behave.
Look In requires us to deep-dive inside us. To reach to the soul.  To discern our state of humanness framed according to our conception of what it means to be human, which in turn, is dependent upon our model of human nature. 
HGII subscribes to the model of human nature which is constituted out of both physical/material AND non-physical/spiritual components.
This should be the trigger point for the next step - Act.