Human Governance Institute Inc. (HGII) has undertaken various projects to enhance the understanding of what it means to be human. Our idea is that one cannot actualize human governance without a thorough understanding of one's own state of affairs. One's behavior is an outcome contingent upon one's inner thought. In other words, the physical material is an emergent quality of the non-physical, non-material. Hence, to influence one's behavior, one has to start from knowing the self - the material soul. Collectively, it is the behavior of humans within a community whether a formal organization or society at large that gets exhibited as that of the community's.
As the organization founded by the originators of the philosophy and practice of human governance, HGII looks forward to continuing our engagement with government agencies, regulators, corporations, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, institutions of higher learning and other educational establishments in our pursuit to help more humans actualize human governance.
Our approach is to offer a two 16-hour "Essentials of Human Governance" Levels-1 and 2 hands-on workshops as a preresuite platform for selected participants to appreciate what it means to be human and to be introduced to the practice of knowing one self.  While Level 1 focuses on the individual self, Level 2 deliberates on the actualization of HG in the context of carrying out one's role in the setting of the organization/ community. Pursuant from there, additonal engagement(s) will be customised according to the need of each organization. 
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