We at the Human Governance Institute Inc. (HGII) are always looking for opportunities to connect with organizations whether corporate bodies, private or public, profit or non-profit establishments, or regulators aspiring to improve their work settings and to enhance their role and achieve their purpose for existence.
The past two decades in particular have seen many organizations experiencing in one way or another, the consequences of inappropriate human behavior.
We believe many organizations have already undertaken measures to address such acts.
However, differentiating from the pack are those which are constantly searching to embark on new programmes that can further complement and enhance existing initiatives.
Are you from that organization? Let us discuss further how we at the HGII can assist your organization.
A note of reminder:
While most governance measures usually involve external rule-based regulations, codes, processes and procedures, and systems enhancement among others, HG offers a pathway of internal journey of self-knowledge as its core. The strengthening of the inner state offers opportunity for the self to offer one's best in one's act of commission and to refrain unethical behavior through an act of ommission. 

Despite human governance emphasizing living out the human in everyone through a better comprehension of the meaning of being human, human governance does not impose a requirement that corporate, family-based, or government governance in organizations be removed. When human governance is actualized, other external governance will ensue.