What is Human Governance?

The Human Governance Institute Inc. (HGII) is established with a sole purpose to promote the actualization of Human Governance (HG) by us human regardless whether we are in our private space or public and professional spheres.
What Human Governance is about
Human governance can be viewed as the principle or philosophy or the approach that humans can take in living life according to the meaning of being human that one subscribes to.  It is about being aware of what drives humans.
If the guiding light is internal to the individual human, each person can remain the authentic self, living out the innate nature whether at home or workplace. The tenet of living will centre on one giving one’s best both in the act of commission (doing what is right) and omission (avoiding what is wrong). It will be about striving to live out the role of trustee/ soulful steward, manifesting the essence of humans as relational beings interconnected with one another and with the environment and the cosmos/universe.

If one upholds external rules and regulations as one’s compass, one’s behaviour will be about ensuring compliance to what is codified. The focus is positioned on not over-stepping those rules rather than on a volition to be a good human.   
The dynamics of human governance is about offering the world a window of choice – on the model of human nature and the attendant attributes one wishes to subscribe and live out – instead of prescribing a single mainstream model.
It is about asking one to exercise awareness and freewill in undertaking one’s actions.
It is about being conscious of one’s state of thought.