Readers' Contribution

Are we being human?

By: HGII Team
We invite you to ponder on the above pertinent question.  We take note that some of us may feel that in this "action-for-outcome" age, question of this nature appears philosophical and has less relevance. HGII takes the stance that without understanding the philosophy behind actions, the root cause of today's problems will be difficult to address.
Daily, we are greeted with numerous and never-ending reports both of local and international instances of manifestations of crises of us not being human. We highlight some here which are mostly reported in mainstream local media. Absent from our list are cases of human attrocities which are already on the global news. The dire impact of human lives and the environment tops our list of non-human behavior.
Education setting:
20 September 2017, Free Malaysia Today - Form 3 student gave birth in a surau, Form 4 student arrested in connected with the case
24 August 2017, The Star - Student claims trial to sexual assault of girl nine
24 August 2017, New Straits Times - Seven year-old boy in Sarawak dies after being assaulted by schoolmate
14 June 2017, New Starits Times - Bullies murdered UPNM naval cadet -  five students charged 
Corporate World & Organizations:
8 October 2017, The Star - Another government department, really?
4 October 2017, New Straits Times - Ministry staff and 10 firms linked to theft of RM100m
2 October 2017, The Star - Navy men families want justice - its a shock to learn two sailors died from abuse 
29 September 2017, Fin24 - It's a tragedy that KPMG allowed itself to be used
24 August 2017, The Star - MACC nabs 8 medical assistants for overtime claims
16 August 2017, Business Insider - Big Four fined millions
25 July 2017, The Star - Unit head arrested for alleged corruption
9 June 2917, New Straits Times - MACC expected to probe six areas
27 September 2017, The Star - Cops: Teenager who slapped mother did it over RM2.00
27 September 2017, New Straits Times - Killed over kuih: Trader bludgeoned, chopped up by jealous business rival
23 August 2017, The Star - The police officer and the loan shark
23 August 2017, The Star - Chinese Tourists say they were forced to buy items from agents
Reflection: Do we want to continue to see more of such cases happening? Shall we keep tinkering with more rules and regulations? Let us consider a different pathway. Shall we not work on bringing our human soul to life? HG can be the solution, provided you are ready to want to implement. Contact us, let us discuss further.