From the desk of the President & CEO

2021 marked a year of transition for us at Human Governance Institute Inc (HGII). The transition came in the form of a changing of leadership with the passing of the co-founder of Human Governance and first President & CEO of HGII, the late Prof. Dr. Arfah Salleh. She left behind a meaningful legacy of spreading the universal message of Human Governance, hence the team members who had faithfully supported her endeavors for several years and whom she had taught, guided and nurtured, are filling the space to continue championing Human Governance and to safeguard the meaning in its pristine essence. This is what Prof. Dr. Arfah had strived for in the later years of her life, starting when she was President and CEO of Putra Business School where Human Governance was birthed until HGII was established by herself to become the official vehicle to convey what Human Governance is all about.

At HGII, we invite everyone to essentially question what does it truly mean to be human? This may sound like a trivial question. After all, aren’t we all human beings? The answer to this question, in fact, is not as straightforward at it may seem. The actual truth is that there are many models to the nature of human. The current dominant model of human that shapes the worldview of millions across the globe takes on the narrative of Classical Science which was introduced during the Enlightenment period. As with all models of reality, there are unstated assumptions that are attached to them. And for this one in particular, the nature of human that it upholds is one where the human is merely physical. 

Today, we view human beings as a given, therefore we do not see the need to raise this fundamental question. Yet, how we conceptualise reality profoundly impacts our thoughts; and our thoughts influences our values, decision-making and conduct in all aspects of one’s living. It is our aim at HGII, to first and foremost, to invite the questioning of our unstated assumptions with the view to make aware of the model of reality that one upholds. Therefore, Human Governance challenges the mainstream materialist paradigm, by bringing back the forgotten traditions that nurture humans not as automatons. It is, essentially, about the inner workings of being human. It is a philosophy that guides one’s way of life, starting with the human recognising that he is both physical and non-physical, following Eastern belief traditions paralleling the post-modern science of quantum. 

There has been common misconception that Human Governance is an outside-to-in approach where rules, code of conduct and standard operating procedures are the answer to the myriad of crisis that we face today. Rather, Human Governance calls for a holistic inside-to-out approach through our ‘See-Out, Look-In, Act’™ approach which calls one to connect to the inherent values that are already within so that the actualization of the best version of the self is made possible. Abiding by codified rules become a consequence, not the solution. The solution is, simply put, to be human, therefore, it is paramount to question first, what and who is the human. Should one identifies with the material nature of human, which basically sees the human as a bio-bodysuit without soul, then compliance to external rules to conduct his way of life is sufficient. On the other hand, if one identifies that his core is the immaterial soul, the question then arises - how is this human governed?

Prof. Dr. Arfah managed to bring this awareness to many through HGII’s core activities namely educating, teaching/training and consulting. Leaders, managers, administrators, policy makers, entrepreneurs and educators, cutting across from pre-school to post retirement levels, all had been impacted from her efforts in immeasurable ways. One of Prof. Dr. Arfah’s most notable contribution came when she was invited as subject matter expert on the concept and application of Human Governance by the Governance, Integrity and Anti-Corruption Centre (GIACC) - under the Prime Minister Department of the government of Malaysia - in the preparation of the National Anti-Corruption Plan (NACP). It is due to her input that the NACP explicitly states that corruption is a human issue and the only way to resolve is to implement an approach that centers on the human. This subsequently placed Human Governance as the foundational program in the list of strategic initiatives. The education sector is emphasized, particularly on the enhancement of school teachers’ effectiveness in relation to understanding the root cause of corruption. 

The HGII team today, guided by the co-founder of Human Governance, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Aziuddin Ahmad, are clear on the direction that we should take with regards to continuing the initiatives started by Prof. Dr. Arfah; from actualising the NACP, to raising awareness on the true message of Human Governance and conducting programs for our existing audiences in the the industry and education sector. We have also expanded our audience to include the youth group and for them, exciting projects are in the pipeline which will span into 2022 and beyond, God willing. 

We believe that Human Governance is more needed than ever especially in this time of great uncertainty. The pandemic and isolation had triggered many to search for meaningful purpose and connections. Therefore, it is imperative to make aware of the existence of an alternative model of reality that includes the unseen, aligned with Eastern Integral Intellectual Thought Traditions and Post-Contemporary Science of Quantum. It is by knowing who you truly are that enables you to live a life not detached from your environment and inner self. By stating this, we have made clear the reason our organisation exists. The message and mission are timeless, therefore the journey organically continues despite the absence of the person who was responsible to bring Human Governance to the domain of the industry, education, government and the public. 

We pay the upmost respect and gratitude to our late leader, who portrayed such unwavering dedication to this great cause. Due to her contributions, she left in a manner that left deep impact and contribution to her profession, to her contemporaries, to society, to loved ones and to the nation. They say that a sign of a great leader is that he/she leads by example. That could not be more true to describe our first President & CEO of HGII. She was a great teacher to many for the fact that she brought the best of herself in any setting that life brought to her. She indeed manifested Human Governance, a symbol of integrity, a true human, who lived an authentic life by staying true to her strong rooted belief. 

For those who have journeyed with us from the beginning, we convey our heartfelt gratitude for the continuous support. For those who are new to Human Governance, we welcome you and invite you to further discover the models of realities through our programs. May I humbly request, for the one reading this message and is a Muslim, to recite the Al-Fatihah for Allahyarhamah Prof. Dr. Arfah Salleh. For those of other faith, your sincere prayers for her are deeply appreciated in our hearts.

Thank you for being here. The HGII team wishes all the very best and that we are all able to actualize the true human that we are meant to be. 


Anis Matsham-Heidecke